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Bridgerton London Locations

What a success Bridgerton has been for Netflix. So exaggeratedly beautiful with loads of pop in the colours, such richness in the textiles and England’s towns and country houses showcased for the world. Add to that, the convincing romance of our leading couple, Daphne Bridgerton and the Duke of Hastings, and this has left us mesmerised. London offers many of the locations … and I’d like to take you through them all!

The Ranger’s House in Greenwich poses as the Bridgerton family home - the exterior. An elegant Georgian house in a wonderful location, it was built in the early 1700’s with sweeping views to the Thames. In our drama it is transported to Grosvenor Square, the most affluent area of London.

The Queen’s House nearby is supposedly Somerset House where the fashionable aristocratic set are seen arriving in their carriages and ascending the beautiful curves of the 17thC staircase. Shame they didn’t go inside here too as it is a stunning interior. The road beneath this house is also the scene of a brawl between the Duke and his rival for Daphne’s affections. Don’t worry – the Duke wins out!

Queen Charlotte’s residence is set in Lancaster House, one of the last remaining London homes of nobility of which there were many 200 years ago. Several scenes are set inside here including the audience with the Queen for permission to marry quickly. This government building is used regularly for filming, we have seen many scenes of The Crown in here for example, as it is the mansion which most closely resembles Buckingham Palace. Nowadays it is used for government receptions and dinners and houses the Parliamentary wine collection!

Another regularly filmed location is Syon House near Richmond-upon-Thames. It’s stunning Great Hall features as the home of the Duke, whilst the Long Gallery and the Dining Room are settings for the residence of Queen Charlotte, where we get an insight into the madness of King George III. Syon House is still the London home of the Duke of Northumberland, one of the oldest noble families of England.

St James’ Palace is very similar in style to Hampton Court Palace, having been built in the same Tudor era. As the first big event in the Bridgerton drama this is where the young debutantes are presented at court. Hampton Court Palace is so easy for filming, it is the perfect backdrop as the courtyards are huge and therefore easy for filming large numbers of horses and carriages.

The largest of the Country Houses around London used in the series is Hatfield House to the north the capital. The Marble Hall is the glittering setting for the Trowbridge ball attended by the ‘Ton’. The Library here is also the scene of a gentlemen’s club frequented by the Duke and Anthony, Daphne’s brother where they fight over Daphne’s honour. The gardens of Hatfield also feature for it is here that their first romantic interlude seals the fate of the Duke and Daphne… no reputation can remain unsullied!

The London park in which the aristocratic set are seen to mingle and the bridge over which Daphne and the Duke saunter are not in the centre of London at all but out on the very edge in a beautiful 18thC landscape garden. Painshill Park is a beautiful setting with meandering streams and several follies dotted through the landscape.

In other more brief scenes we see the Hackney Empire pose as the Opera House where the aristocratic set attend a performance. The Reform Club, a gentlemen’s club on Pall Mall sees the Duke of Hastings chatting once again with Daphne’s brother.

A lot less well-known, Normansfield Old Theatre in Teddington is the scene of a boxing match which is attended by Daphne and Prince Frederick, although she is rather distracted by the Duke rolling up his sleeves and flexing his muscles.

Finally, our romantic couple marry; at St Mary’s Church, Twickenham. This area of ‘Royal Thames’ was terribly fashionable at the start of the 19thC and many elegant homes of nobility and royalty are situated nearby. A short distance to the west of London near Windsor is Dorney Court, a magnificent Tudor mansion posing as the ‘coaching inn’, scene of a very memorable wedding night. This is a genuine wedding venue so it is possible to relive those Bridgerton scenes!

Further afield, the streets of London are generally depicted by Bath which is synonymous with this famous period of seasonal balls. Among many other locations, Wilton House near Salisbury and Castle Howard in Yorkshire are settings for audiences with the Queen and represent Clyveden, country seat of the Duke. RAF Halton acts as the elegant interior of the Bridgerton home.

Such a successful series as Bridgerton could never be a one-off and Season 2 is in filming at present with Season 3 & 4 already announced too. We look forward to investigating further locations in London in the future.

Anna Targett

Apr 2021

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