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    Can't make it to London? Take a tour at home.

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    An overview

    Tower of London

    When you can't get to London ....

    Our live virtual tours are the next best thing....

    We create fascinating tours which will be conducted live. We use a variety of video clips, pictures, maps and lots of stories for an entertaining view of our fabulous city. Want to see and hear about Buckingham Palace, the Changing of the Guard and the Houses of Parliament? This can all be brought to life. The River Thames in London... yes... St James's and our first shops .... we can do that too... there are so many different options. And there are more coming... what's more... you will see even more than is possible from the street.

    St Paul's Cathedral

    Your Guide ...

    Professional, qualified and experienced.

    You will be guided by a professional Blue Badge Guide. They are the elite guides of Britain, trained, qualified, experienced and great at story-telling too. Should you want to ask a question at the end of the tour they will have the knowledge to answer you. Rest assured you are in safe hands.

    Tours last just around an hour and because we are not walking back and forwards we will save loads of time by skipping forward and be at our next sight in an instant.

    St Paul's Cathedral

    Want to choose your date and time?

    Go private...

    I can arrange a private tour for you and your group. Choose your subject... Greenwich? British Museum? London gardens? ... tell us your wish-list .... or would you prefer one of our standard tours customised especially for you? Just contact us and we can give you a quote depending on the subject and number of people. Otherwise join one of our live programmed events... see below.

  • Viewing your Virtual Tour

    The technology required is really simple

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    You just need your..


    As long as you have a laptop or computer then you can view the live virtual tour. Your broadband doesn't have to be super fast.


    It is all online...


    There is no need to have a Zoom account. You don't have to sign up for anything. We will send you an invite to join online with no extra technology required.

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    These are some of our upcoming virtual tours

    Buckingham Palace

    Highlights of Greenwich

    5th Nov 6pm GMT

    Greenwich... home of time, the Royal Observatory, the Navy, and stunning architecture. So much to see....

    Buckingham Palace

    Thames: Hampton Court to Kew

    10th Nov 6pm GMT

    Three palaces, two stately homes & residences of the rich and famous. The river around Richmond upon Thames is so picturesque and historic.

    Buckingham Palace

    London Gardens: Botanic to Urban

    16th Nov 6pm GMT

    The earliest garden in London to the newest. A beautiful view of evolution of gardens and the people who influenced them.

    Buckingham Palace

    Ancient Cultures in the British Museum

    19th Nov 6pm GMT

    Egyptians, Assyrians, Greeks and more.. we will examine the amazing cultures which flourished BC. So different and yet so similar to our own.

  • The Blog

    Thoughts, musings, and ruminations.

    A virtual tour is not just sightseeing on a screen … it is so much more than that. A virtual tour is a creation. It enables the guide to show more detail and give even more visuals than when guiding on the street. What at first seemed a daunting task for guides …. to transfer our skills onto the...
  • What they say about us...

    Audience Feedback

    Marble Hill House

    The Thames around Richmond

    C de Cruz, Wimbledon

    Living in London I thought I knew quite a bit about the history and the geography of the Thames but Anna was there to provide a different, refreshing slant on our ancient history and well known stories. It's always time well spent in Anna's company because you leave her having learned something new.

    Ham House

    Fashionable St James's

    Elizabeth, Shropshire

    Had a great evening virtually visiting the fashionable St James area of London. Particularly enjoyed the chance to peek inside the shops and slip down the hidden alleyways, things I’m sure I wouldn’t have done if I’d gone there alone. Thank you Anna, a Blue Badge guide with class.

    Ham House

    Highlights of Westminster

    R Osborne

    Absolutely Fab! I cannot recommend enough. Very informative and fun at the same time. This tour leaves you loving this part of London even more.

    Ham House

    London Gardens: Botanic to Urban

    C Day, Lincs

    Many thanks for an excellent Virtual Tour of London Gardens. It was beautifully presented. I particularly liked the transitions between slides and photos within other photos. I have no hesitation in recommending this tour to others.

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